Foot ulcers- Are you a silent sufferer? Unable to bear the pain due to Foot ulcers? Your life is about to change with our New and Advanced LASER procedures and technology for relief from Foot ulcers, under the treatment of Dr. Ramesh Pitchika at Padma Hospital.

A foot ulcer is an open sore on the foot involving only the surface skin or sometimes deep (tendons, bones, and other deep structures). If an infected ulcer is not treated right away, it can develop into a severe infection.

More than any other disease, people with the prolonged history of diabetes have a particularly high risk of developing foot ulcers. This is because of the chronic long-term complications of diabetes often include neuropathy and circulatory problems.

Laser (which stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) allows focussing into powerful beams with minimal or no cuts. Using low-level laser therapy with high precision by focussing on smaller areas, causing less or no damage to the surrounding tissues. Our LASER treatment for foot ulcers has provided an effective solution to get treated. It minimizes the growth factors of foot ulcers with our safety measures. With our advanced LASER procedures and technology, the patients who had undergone Laser treatment can return to their daily routine in no time.

Our LASER treatment provides quick, comfort and long-lasting results. Many people are under the impression that LASER treatment is involved with high-risk factors. But the truth and our testimonials say otherwise. We have a results-oriented track record in treating many patients with outstanding results and that too without surgery successfully. Experience an efficient, professional, cohesive, definite and solution for Foot ulcers using LASER treatment by Dr. Ramesh at Padma Hospital-laser interventions located in Miyapur, Hyderabad.