LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Laser Surgery is a field dealing with performing surgical procedures with laser energy. In Laser procedures, Laser energy is used to cut, coagulate tissues instead of a scalpel. It needs to be remembered that Laser is not radiation in any form. A laser is only a light. In most of the Laser surgeries, recovery is amazingly quick, with most patients able to join their work in a couple of days. With our expertise, the procedures have almost no downtime.

Safe LASER surgery in Hyderabad is now a reality. Even for problems of tonsils, fissures, piles, fistulas, varicose veins become common in urban areas. There are now many solutions as well.

LASER Surgery essentially uses a focused light to cut skin tissues and treat problems so that one doesn’t have to go under the knife.

LASER surgery is faster, painless and noninvasive. A number of these treatments can also be done as an outpatient because one does not have to spend a night at the hospital. The patient can get back to his normal routine much faster.

We at Padma Hospital offer LASER Interventions use high-quality equipment to ensure the best results. We offer up to date professional treatment at cost-effective prices.