Dr.Ramesh Kumar Pitchika is an ENT Specialist, Facial Plastic & Interventional Laser Surgeon with vast experience in his field having worked in India and abroad for over 12 years. A graduate of Andhra medical college, Visakhapatnam, he completed his Post Graduation in ENT from the same college before moving to the UK for higher studies In the UK, he worked in various prestigious institutes like Royal National ENT Hospital, Haroldwood Hospital & Chasefarm Hospitals. Not only in ENT, he has further expanded his field into Facial Plastic Surgery and interventional laser surgeries. Gained vast experience in various Laser Facial Plastic procedures.

He did extensive research work on various Aesthetic Non Surgical procedures which improve the facial appearance and all the anti-aging procedures. He even worked privately as an assistant surgeon to world-renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ayhem-al-ayobi in Harley Street, London. He obtained his DOHNS Degree from Royal college of surgeons of England & MRCS Degree from Royal college of surgeons of Edinborough. He is a permanent(lifetime) member of General medical council of UK (Regn.No:6061150). Member of European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgeons. Member of Otolaryngologists association of India. He is a member of British laser association.

Dr.Ramesh has treated many patients with laser and tackled many problems. He has a lot of expertise in this field with vast experience. He ensures safety and takes a lot of precautions while treating the patients. He uses advanced technology with efficiency and much result oriented. (You need an expert to do the Cosmetic procedure with a LASER to hit back the aging process.) Dr. Ramesh has special significance in providing the treatment with LASER and it is one of the most preferred and recognized LASER treatment centers.

Dr. Ramesh is ranked as one among the top doctors with well versed with the latest LASER advancements and deliver path-breaking care for the patients on daily basis. We have propagated the safe use of Lasers in medicine and are also the member of British Medical Laser association which stands for a controlled use of Laser scientifically in medicine. Safe Laser surgery in Hyderabad is now a reality. Even for problems of tonsils, fissures, piles, fistulas, varicose veins become common in urban areas. There are now many solutions as well.

DR. P. RAMESH KUMARMBBS, DLO, DOHNS (UK), MRCS(UK) – ENT Specialist, Facial Plastic & Interventional Laser Surgeon